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Top Battery Chargers

Knowing what the top battery chargers are could help insure the quality of the charge of the battery and at the same time, reduce the risk of overcharging. Battery chargers have become an important item to have in case of emergencies and other special situations. Car batteries as well as other types of automotive batteries have very long lives, but at times they run out and in the most inconvenient of times. That is why knowing what the top battery chargers are could help insure the longevity of the power of the battery that one is using

There are many manufacturers of car batteries that have designed their batteries with technology that allows for it to address specific problems. But in order to understand the criteria for a top battery charger, we must first understand the components that make it a good one. A battery charger must have a very efficient way of controlling the amount of current that it allows to go through the battery. It must also have key functions that allow for the battery to charge well such as the ability to maintain a stable current and terminate the connection once it reaches full charge level.

These characteristics are important as this prevents the battery from being destroyed. This has allowed for manufacturers to develop their battery chargers to address these certain characteristics and has made them the producers of the top battery chargers known to the consumer market. Some manufacturers have designed their battery charges to be able to fully charge batteries while at the same time, maintaining it at its proper storage voltage. Others have designed their battery charging systems with a microprocessor that allows for it to automatically perform specific functions when the battery is charging.

One type of function that microprocessors are able to manage is the switch from bulk charge to float charge. These two types of charges are primarily associated with the initial and secondary stages of charging. The importance of this function is to be able to manage certain amounts of current that flow through the charger at a specific point of the charging. The float charge is an important component with regards to current flow because this type of charge allows for the battery to maintain a regulated amount of voltage when it is already at full charge level.

The advancements in technology have allowed for designers and manufacturers to address specific problems that consumers may have. This has created a better market for battery chargers and people who purchase battery chargers should be aware of the top battery chargers that are available in the market. There are many manufacturers of battery chargers but knowing which ones provide a certain level of quality could help increase the longevity of the battery’s life. Some chargers have built in microprocessors that allow for it to perform specific functions. Others are designed with different cords, wires and LED’s that allow for better storage spacing.  Some are designed for specific kinds of batteries such as led and ionic batteries. All these types of chargers are able to address the different kinds of problems that people have with battery chargers and this is all due to the advanced technology that is available today.

How Battery Chargers Function and the Dangers of Overcharging

Battery chargers are devices that can convert alternating current into a direct current for charging storage batteries. This device is commonly used in cars and boats. Most people who own these types of transportation usually have this device with them for emergency purposes. They can be used to jumpstart the battery or the engine of the car or boat.

Battery chargers are some of the most helpful devices that man has invented. They are especially useful during emergencies where the battery that the person is using runs dry. A battery charger has several characteristics that most buyers consider as essentials when trying to buy this item. Some of these characteristics are bulk charge, absorption and float mode.

The bulk charge characteristic of a battery charger can be described as the initial stage of battery charging where the charger sends a current to the battery at its maximum safety limit until it reaches somewhere between 85-90 percent fully charged level. There is no exact estimate as to the level of voltage for bulk charging, but there may be limits to the amount of voltage a battery can initially take. Buyers of battery chargers see this as an important characteristic because the amount of bulk charge that a charger is able to control helps reduce the risk of overcharging.

The next characteristic, which is absorption, can be described as the stage of battery charging where the current levels off and remains constant. This is the stage of battery charging where it emits the most amount of current.

The next characteristic, which buyers consider as important, is the float charge. The float charge or “float mode” of a charger is known as the ability of a charger to maintain a lower amount of current that it transfers to the battery when it reaches full charge level. This characteristic helps by prolonging battery life and reduces the possibilities of gassing. Gassing is defined as the accumulation of flammable hydrogen within a battery and can be potentially dangerous if not prevented.

There are many battery chargers that provide the exact characteristics that a buyer may be looking for. Some battery chargers have been upgraded over the past years to address consumer concern. Some manufacturers have given their chargers microprocessors that allow for the battery to immediately shift from bulk charge to float charge. This helps avoid overcharging and buildup of the flammable liquid hydrogen that may be present in the battery. Some chargers are able to recognize drops in required voltage and automatically restore the correct amount of current that should flow to the battery.

Other characteristics of a good battery charger are in its design. There are many types of battery chargers that are designed with blinking lights that allow for the user to identify when the battery is fully charged or not. This is very helpful as it allows the user of the charger to disconnect the current at the proper time.

Most battery chargers are designed with many safety features such as a better float mode recognition system or a better bulk charge regulator. These are important in a battery charger because they help prevent accidents from happening and prolong the life of the battery after charging.

The Battery Charger and Its Important Features

A battery charger is a device that allows for the flow of electric current to reach a battery to recharge it. A charger is able to regulate the amount of electric flow that goes through it and helps stabilize the battery during certain periods of charging. A battery charger is usually designed for lead acid batteries and is manufactured by almost every company that creates cars or engines. It is also very helpful, especially during emergencies because it allows for the person to charge the battery themselves rather than going to a local car shop.

A battery charger has many designs that allow for it to be safe and effective. A car battery charger should have an external power supply that provides the current, but some chargers have a unique design that allows for it to charge without one. This type of battery charger should have an electrolytic capacitor, transformer, bridge rectifier, switch and a fuse. These are the fundamental components of an internal battery charger and at times, may be ineffective in terms of developing its own current so checking up on the device from time to time is a must.

As for battery chargers that require an external source of current, there are many manufacturers that provide this type of device. These types of batteries are composed of several resistors, capacitors and transistors that allow for it to manage current flow. There are several functions that a battery charger must have. It must be able to charge, stabilize and terminate the amount of current that goes to the battery to avoid overcharging. These three functions are important components of an effective charging scheme.

A charging scheme is described as charging methods that are combined with terminating methods that go well together. Some basic charging methods that are associated with the characteristics of a battery charger are constant voltage, constant current, and taper current. A battery charger that is able to maintain any of these types of charging methods usually means that it is a very efficient charger.

A battery charger has several functions that insure the user that the current being put through is the right amount. An important characteristic of a battery charger that people should take note of is the charge rate. The charge rate is an indicator of how long it will take for the battery to charge. Some charge rates that batteries have are slow and may mean that it will take up to 14-16 hours to reach full charge. Other batteries have a quick charge feature that allows for only 3-6 hours of charge time while others are even quicker and only need an hour of charge time to reach full charge level.

These are important features to take note of because battery chargers are able to manage certain amounts of current at specific periods during the charging process and knowing the charge rate of the battery correlates to the charger that one must by. In order to address the problem of charge rates, manufacturers have installed microprocessors that allow the chargers to manage the amount of current more intelligently.

Car Battery Chargers

Car battery chargers are some of the most common and widely sold car items in the consumer market. People used to use jumper cables to restart a car’s batteries and this has proven to be dangerous at times because jumper cables cannot regulate the amount of voltage that goes through them. Car manufacturers made car battery chargers so as to address the ongoing problem that is associated with having to “jump” a car battery.

Some problems that one will encounter when trying to jump a car are usually associated with the installation of the jumper cables to the batteries of the car. Car battery chargers address this problem by being able to connect an external power source with the medium and its design allows for the user to simply attach it to the terminals of the battery.

Another problem is the regulation of the current that goes through the cables when they are connected with another battery. Jumper cables are designed to simply transfer a certain amount of voltage to another battery and do not have any regulation features. Car battery chargers are made with a built in regulator that allows for it to manage the amount of current that goes through to the receiving battery. They are also able to manage the different types of current that go through it at certain periods of charging.

These functions are associated with the batteries’ ability to maintain the three key functions that allow for a charger to charge well. These are usually the charge termination, the charge time and the safe charging features. Charge termination is the ability of the charger to automatically disconnect from the power source and shift its level of charge to float charge. This allows for the charger to maintain a certain level of charge once the charge level is at capacity. The charge time is also a very important feature to take note of. Most batteries require a specific amount of time that they need to charge and so knowing this helps cut the time it takes to charge a battery if one uses the correct charger.

Another important feature to take note of is the safety charging feature of the car battery charger. Some chargers are designed without the ability to shift voltages or float charges and this could lead to overcharging which could then lead to gassing. Gassing in a battery usually leaves the battery destroyed and causes it to build up high levels of flammable hydrogen that are very dangerous.

Car battery chargers are now recognized as a necessity for people drivers everywhere. These chargers help cut the time it takes to charge the battery. It also serves as a very good substitute for jumper cables and other attachment cables that people used to use to restart their batteries. Car battery chargers are also the better option because of its many features. Charging safety, charge time and charge termination are just some of the many functions that car battery chargers have that replaced the old way or restarting car batteries.

On Board Battery Chargers and the Increase in Safety and Power Storage

On board battery chargers are more popularly known as marine boat chargers. These types of battery chargers are associated with boats and other forms of marine transport. This type of battery charger can sustain a high amount of voltage transfer and is very effective. These types of battery chargers are similar to car battery chargers in many ways, but they also have their differences.

These chargers are designed to withstand certain levels of environmental abuse. They are designed this way so as to help the battery charge well while going through certain activities that may cause the battery to use up a large amount of its stored energy. Some on board battery chargers also have longer cables and higher electrical outputs. Manufacturers designed it this way because so that the battery charger can reach power sources from a farther distance without having to remove the battery from the boat.

They are also designed with a three stage switching electronic circuit which protects against short circuiting and other electric accidents. This feature is paired with a mounting system that prevents the charger from being hit by any form of moisture or other substances that could cause the battery to become damaged.

They are also designed with a storage mode that is longer than car battery chargers. This is so because on board battery chargers are used to recharge batteries that require more voltage and ones are more exposed to harsher conditions. These harsher conditions require for the battery to use up more electric power and so they dry out faster than regular car batteries.

On board battery chargers also have the regular components of a charger such as charge ability, charge stability and charge termination. These three functions are always important in a battery charger because these three are what maintain the life and durability of the battery. They also help prevent the battery from over charging and this is important because an overcharged battery could cause the contents within the battery to build up and explode. This is very dangerous because the contents within it can burn at a very high temperature and this can cause accidents such as burns.

Most on board battery chargers are primarily designed as a battery charger that has more safety and storage features than a regular battery charger. These battery chargers are designed to be waterproof, sturdy and compact. These three characteristics should be the primary requirements for purchasing an on board battery charger. The waterproof quality of the charger is very important since this charger is used in areas with a large amount of moisture and anytime that electricity comes into contact with moisture usually translates to grounding or electrical dysfunctions.

Another important feature that an on board battery charger must possess is sturdiness. Since the charger is exposed to different kinds of environmental conditions, its sturdiness and design should help withstand pressures that may destroy it. Consumers should also note if there on board battery charger is compact so that it can fit anywhere on the boat.

The Advantages of Solar Battery Chargers for Automobile Owners

Harnessing the sun’s rays in order to convert it into useful energy that powers things up has been quite the craze in recent years. This obsession with solar energy surely began as soon as people started to realize that the traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuel has a timeline and would certainly diminish in the coming years as the world’s population soars and more and more people have a need for it.

This move towards sustainable solar energy has become so popular that innovations such as portable solar battery chargers that could recharge the power on phones, automobiles, and other battery-powered devices have begun to emerge. Although battery chargers that are powered by solar energy does no good at all for people with Li-Ion phone batteries, it would definitely be well appreciated by those who need this type of charger for their car batteries.

It is not advisable for an automobile’s battery to be left uncharged or half-empty for too long because this shortens its life due to the crystallization of the lead sulfate on its plates. Having solar battery chargers on vehicles allows its owners to trickle charge, which is a process of charging up the battery in conjunction with the rate of its natural discharge. Trickle charging is possible with the help of an external source such as a solar charger that is placed on the dashboard for better absorption of solar energy and is plugged into the car’s cigar lighter to directly transfer the solar energy to the car battery.

Some of the more popular solar battery chargers for automobiles are advertised on the internet with the following specifications:

  • 12 volts with 1.2 watts Battery charger that is compact and can be used with other applications that utilize 12V batteries. This can be mounted onto your dashboard and secured with screws.
  • 12-volt charger at 2.4 watts that features a blocking diode to ensure that it does not inadvertently drains the battery. It is built from a material that can stand any kind of weather and can be used not just in cars but also in other vehicle types such as motorcycle, trucks, etc. as well.
  • 12-volt solar battery charger that runs at 5.5 watts and contains a blocking diode. The best feature of this charger is the way it can be mounted onto the dashboard using screws for a more secure hold. Another selling point is that this type of charger is rare since most car battery chargers run at only 4 watts or even less. This can also be used for all sorts of vehicles.

Prices range for the different solar chargers, mostly depending on its brand as well as its capacity. One thing is for sure, though, solar-powered battery chargers are definitely more economical than the other types of chargers mostly because it relies mainly on a sustainable source of energy for its recharging ability. Although you would have to invest on a $30-$145 charger at first, its self-sustaining power capacity and ability to keep you car batteries properly maintained would eventually allow you to save on cash.

What you Must Look for in Marine Battery Chargers

Accuracy and efficiency are two very important factors that you must consider when choosing from the wide range of marine battery chargers that you can normally find on the internet. And because you would be using the charger on your boat, the charger that you choose would have to be sturdy enough to withstand rough weather conditions. A few other factors that make a big impact on your choice of battery charger are:

  • The imperfection of the sine waves under which the battery would be charged.
  • The all-too-familiar risk of overcharging when you are using a charger that is not compatible with the battery. This is why it is important that you know what the specifications of your battery are, as well as its capacity and input voltage.
  • The battery bank’s charging configuration, whether you would need to buy a charger with one up to four banks depending on the number of batteries that need to be charged.

You must also note that there are two different types of marine battery chargers: on- and off-board. An off-board charger is typically portable and less expensive than the on-board type, and because it can just be stored at your garage, you no longer have to worry about the installation process for this type. A major drawback, though, is that this has more danger of overcharging so you would have to constantly keep watch during the charging process.

On the other hand, an on-board charger is a lot more expensive because of its waterproof construction. You would also have to install this into the boat as part of your battery’s integral component and just leave it while charging without having to worry too much about overcharging. The charger’s self-regulatory mechanism automatically shuts off the charging process as soon as the battery is fully charged.

There is a wide variety of marine battery chargers being sold by numerous online stores. Prices differ according to the battery’s brand as well as its special features and other specifications. Some of the chargers that you would normally be able to find if you conduct a search right now include:

  • A waterproof charger that runs on 12 volts and costs somewhere around seventy dollars. This charger is fully automatic and can be used both on boats at sea and on freshwater boats. It is controlled by an electronic microprocessor so it can be left plugged into the power source and to the battery without much danger. However, if you are rather concerned about safety, the charger has indicators when charging so that you would know if the battery is already full.
  • Another charger also runs on 12 volts, but it is bigger with 3 banks that can charge three batteries simultaneously and can be bought for less than a hundred and thirty bucks. It is also waterproof, controlled through a microprocessor so has no danger of overcharging, and can be used both on fresh and salt-water applications. Some of its other features include temperature and ignition protection.

These chargers are available on other online stores such as Amazon and Defender, as well as on electronic stores throughout the nation.

Get Yourself One of the Battery Chargers Walmart Sells


Whenever you are in need of battery chargers, Walmart surely has the right kind of product for you. The company boasts of quite a wide array of automotive battery chargers that are very effective and efficient in fulfilling their purpose. Their chargers can be used on several kinds of automobiles and machines and users would not find it difficult to use them.


At Walmart, you can certainly find battery chargers having features that can bring you a lot of benefits. They have automotive battery chargers that are capable of many things, but are still handy and lightweight. Walmart offers its customers a 12-ampere battery charger that can adjust the power of charging depending on the present condition of the battery. This means that the charger can slow down the charge rate when the battery is about to get full, so that the battery will not get damaged from too much charging. More importantly, this 12-ampere battery charge can recharge batteries fast, so you would no longer wait for a long time just to get your cars up and running.


The automotive battery chargers Walmart sells are also capable of slower charges for other kinds of machines and automobiles. It allows the users to adjust the charge to 8-ampere medium charge and 2-amp slow charge for motorcycles and machines, usually used around the home such as lawn tractors. This means that you will be able to charge simpler kinds of machines without having to worry about the battery smoldering or getting damaged. More importantly, it has a display that lets the users know the percentage of the battery charge, so that they would know how much more they need to wait to get the battery fully recharged.


These battery chargers can actually let people save a huge amount of money. Instead of having to buy separate chargers for different motor machines, you just need to buy one for everything. Apart from cars and home machines, these can also recharge the batteries of your marine mobiles and diesel trucks. They also present the anti-sulfation mode. This means that the battery charger would not get ruined, in case you accidentally place a sulfated battery on it.


Many users have recommended the 12-ampere battery chargers that Walmart offers, as they do not pose any major problems, compared to other battery chargers. They do not produce any loud and annoying sounds that other automotive battery chargers do. In addition, they are very user-friendly; they have push buttons that let users operate them easily. Aside from selling the battery chargers at affordable prices, the company even gives a 5-year warranty for the battery chargers, so you can be sure that the product will last for quite a long time.


You would never have a problem with the battery chargers Walmart offers. All of these automotive and machine battery chargers have great features to boast of and you would be able to enjoy a lot of advantages when you purchase them. Furthermore, you would be able to save a significant deal of cash with these battery chargers.

A Lowdown on Energizer Battery Chargers


Among the most-preferred products when it comes to automotive battery charging are Energizer battery chargers. People can enjoy numerous advantages when using these chargers, as they are of high quality and present many good features. Purchasing battery chargers from Energizer can make you eliminate a lot of problems related to the charging of batteries.


Automotive Energizer battery chargers are specially designed to recharge the batteries of your cars, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, and motorcycles. One of the best features of these automotive chargers is they have 3-levels for charging batteries. It has a fast-level for speedy charging and this is usually used for charging the batteries of cars and marine vehicles. The medium and slow charging levels, on the other hand, are perfect for charging batteries of simpler vehicles and machines, such as ATVs, lawn tractors, and snowmobiles.


Battery chargers by Energizer can easily adjust to the battery condition while charging, so users do not have to worry about the battery getting overcharged. When using other battery chargers, people usually have to stay with the battery until they get fully charged, because they worry about the batteries overheating and getting ruined when overcharged. The good thing about the battery chargers by Energizer is that they can slow down the charge rate when the battery is about to get fully charged. They also stop providing the battery with energy once it gets full.


Energizer also offers its customers a battery maintainer along with the charger. The battery maintainer allows the percentage of the battery charge to remain even when it is stored. Some people may not be aware that batteries lose the charge gradually when they stored and not used. They think that it will always have the amount of charge that they had during their last battery recharge. Batteries must always be used after every recharge, as this may not only result to batteries losing their charge, but they might also get sulfated. The battery will get damaged and would no longer be available for use.


Battery chargers w/ maintainers sold by Energizer are also very easy to operate. The chargers are small and lightweight and users would not find it difficult to transport them from one place to another. There are indicators on the charger that let you know how much power the battery has gained. They also come with a switch-mode power that lets you switch the function of the device from charger to maintainer and vice-versa. In addition to these, the device comes with several output cords and battery clamps. Most importantly, Energizer offers a 1-year warranty for their products, guaranteeing its customers of being able to use the chargers w/ maintainers for a long time.


Energizer battery chargers are truly worth buying, as they make the recharging of automotive batteries very easy. You can be sure that the batteries would not get damage because of overcharging with the battery chargers by Energizer. The best thing about it is you may get a battery charger and a battery maintainer just for the price of one.